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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fundamental Law of All Preparedness

The fundamental law of all preparedness is Murphy’s Law, which states: “Whatever is the worst possible event that can occur will occur, and it will occur at the worst possible time.”

Learn it, live it, love it, because it is the truth.

In virtually any situation , if you determine what is the worst possible event that can happen, prepare for it to the best of your ability and to the degree that your money allows, you will usually be on fairly stable ground.

For example, when you go out in a boat, what is the worst event that can happen? Sinking. And when is the worst possible time that it can occur? The time you have no life-jackets on the boat. Therefore, it’s good to make it a rule to always carry a life jacket for each person on the boat. Yet people go boating all the time with no life jackets. Why? They lack something, and that something is what I call RATIONAL CAUTION.

What differentiates RATIONAL CAUTION from paranoia is that rational caution is proactive, paranoia is reactive. A person who has true paranoia see’s danger coming from every direction, but yet such a person rarely if ever studies their situation and apply Murphy’s law to their situation. Such a person is almost never proactive. There are exceptions, but as a GENERAL RULE (a general rule is a rule that applies between 7 and 9 times in 10) most paranoids are almost totally reactive.

Simply put, rational caution makes you sleep better at night, while paranoia keeps you awake

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