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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Interesting Data About the Alleged "Peak Oil" Theory

Kevins Rant on Peak Oil

There is just one problem with the "fossil fuel" theory of oil and coal: There is no hard science to back it up. The same is true for "peak oil". The "peak oil" theory is based on a lot of what I would call "guesstimates".

If petroleum and coal are the remains of dead animals and plants, there are certain things you should find in them that just aren’t there.

Paleontologist Robert Bakker has pretty much proven that dinosaurs were not cold blooded like reptiles and amphibians, but warm blooded and more closely related to birds. Birds like other vertebras have two very important things in their blood: Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B-12) and heme iron (the type of iron that forms hemoglobin which carries oxygen through the body). These substances are not found in oil or coal.

As for the idea that dead plants are the stuff petroleum and coal are made of, consider this: Plants contain chlorophyll. You do not find residue of chlorophyll in petroleum or coal.

The abiotic oil theory is true. Recently a new book on it has been released by Jerome Corsi.

So why are the "pushers" of "Peak Oil" and the "fossil fuel" theory so ardent in their belief? Some of them are true environmental nut jobs who want to send us all to "green hell". (Check out the Green Hell blog).

If you want to drive up the price of any product, if you can convince people that it is going to run out, you can really drive up price.

Consider also that the United States is the Saudi Arabia not only of natural gas, but of energy itself. You can heat high grade coal and it will give off gases. On or about fifty percent of this gas is in the form of hydrogen. On or about thirty percent of this gas is methane. There is no shortage of energy. The problem is that one energy interest gets the government to keep other energy interest from accessing their product. It’s called political whoredom.

That’s enough of my rant. However, do not take my statements on faith. Do you're own research.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Review of Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles

James Wesley Rawles was kind enough to send me an advanced uncorrected proof of his new book Founders. On the whole I found the book to be a very good read. If you liked Rawle’s books Patriots and Survivors, I think you will like Founders. Like the other books, it is centered around a planet wide economic collapse. You can read my review of Rawle’s previous book Survivors at this link.

The way all three of the books are written, you can start off with any of them-you don’t have to read them in the order they were published to understand the plot of any of the books, although there are some chapters where there is overlap of characters from other books, but none of these overlaps are out of time sequence. For example, in the book Patriots the character Dan Fong gets killed. However, Dan Fong is alive in Founders. There are four major points about Founders I think are worth mentioning.

1. Founders is quite literally a treasure house of great quotations. These quotes appear at the beginning of each chapter.

2. The actions taken in chapter 28 of Founders is a good plan to fix a lot of what is wrong with The United States of America today.

3. The way the characters deal with the invading United Nations troops is very creative. In Founders, the United Nations troops and the traitors in the United States armed forces who join the United Nations forces main activity is looting. Occasionally they can find time to shoot laser guided artillery into elderly people’s homes, simply on the basis of being given a “tip” that resistance fighters are there-they don’t bother to actually check to see if these “tips” are true before firing the laser guided artillery.

4. Chapter 30 ended in a beautiful way, proving God can turn something bad into something good.  . Mr. Rawles has a very good intellect, and I agree with most Rawles principles on preparedness. However, per chapter 30 and a lot of other things Mr. Rawles has published in the past, it’s clear he believes in the “Peak Oil” theory and it’s corollary that petroleum and coal are “fossil fuels” formed from the remains of very old plants and animals.  See my rant against peak oil in the next entry on this blogspot.

Founders also has a tremendous amount of info about OPSEC that can be applied in a situation like tha protrayed in the book.

Founders is a first rate work. If you have not ordered your copy, hold on until the release date a.k.a. the “Book Bomb Day” of September 25th, 2012. This will help the book get a better ranking on the best seller list.

To all of you out there around the planet, keep the faith.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crass Stupidity, Ignorance and Arrogance, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Truth about Islam and the Arab Spring

Crass Stupidity, Ignorance and Arrogance, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Truth about Islam and the Arab Spring

As I begin this on 09-12-2012 A.D. at 09:54 CST, many people have not yet woken up to learn that diplomatic facilities of The United States of America in Libya and Egypt were attacked by forces of the Muslim Brotherhood. Multiple United States citizens were killed.

I cannot help think of a statement made by the religious leader of POTUS 44, Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr. “The chickens have come home to roost!”

Some of you reading this post will undoubtedly think you have this whole “Arab Spring” figured out as you’re a 2 digit I.Q. non-thinker “sheeple” who believes everything you hear in mainstream media. You probably think it’s all about spreading democracy. It is not. The “Arab Spring” is about spreading the stuff that sticks to your shoes and stinks on a hot day.

It has been my contention that the whole purpose of the “Arab Spring” is to destabilize the entire middle east and ultimately produce a third world war to bring about global government AND destroy the state of Israel.

At this point, some of you are thinking “conspiracy theory”. If you are one of those people, go to the top right of the screen and hit the x button, you’re a lost cause.

In The United States of America today, the term “conspiracy theory” has been transformed into a bona fide psychological weapon that is used to stop rational analysis and debate. A man could say “The sky reflects blue light and the grass reflects green light.” Call that man a “conspiracy theorist” and 99 times in 100 he would back off that last statement.

Now let me rant for a few paragraphs.

The United States of America IS NOT a democracy. It is a constitutional republic in which elected representatives make the laws. In a true democracy 51 percent of the people rule and this 51 percent can even vote away the rights of the other 49 person. Democracy is majority rule. A republic is the rule of law. In democracy differs from a dictatorship in only this way: you substitute a51 percent majority to take the place of a dictator.

While going down this line of thought, some of you need to learn that our country’s name is the United States of America, not “America”. America is two continents that stretch from Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada 83°8′N to the Águila Islet, Diego Ramirez Islands, Chile 56°32′16’S. We’ve usurped the name of two continents. It’s called imperial hubris.

I think the “United States” part of The United States of America is left off purposely, because originally state citizenship took precedence over federal citizenship and federal citizenship only applied to citizens when they travelled outside the United States of America. (Say this and some will try to associate you with the sovereign citizen’s movement, whose member’s murder police for “tyrannical acts” like giving them a traffic ticket.)

Now back to topic.

I support the right of the State of Israel to exist. The current government in power in the United States of America does not. Judge them only by their actions and not their speech and this becomes obvious.

In case there are any Jew hating bigot’s reading this post let me say two things:

1. Every loser on planet Earth tries to blame the Jews for their own problems.

2. If you’re thinking “Swindle is a Jew” you would be wrong. The patriarch of our family had the last name “Otts”. Do your research and see what country that comes from.

Now, if you’re one of those “conspiracy theorist” labeling people, and you’re still here, please do as I said and hit the x button at the top right.

The plan for world government has been in place before the United States Civil War, and the plan involves having 3 world wars. (For those of you who label ideas like this as “conspiracy theory” I have news you’re probably not aware of: there have only been 2 world wars so far. There are these things called books, and you can learn facts like that if you actually read them.)

Mr. Assad in Syria is not a nice person. But if Assad falls, a Muslim Brotherhood government will take over, and world war 3 is on. Yet the mainstream news all of you “conspiracy theory” labelers get you “facts” from will not tell you this. Instead democracy is the bromide to medicate all the world's ills.

THERE CAN BE NO REAL FREEDOM UNDER ISLAM. I am not of the opinion that all or even most Muslims are bad. In fact, most of them are good people who want the same thing other people on planet Earth want-a good life, a family, and worthwhile goals to pursue. However, the Islamic faith is incompatible with individual rights and property rights. Families living in Islamic countries that go abroad for 6 months or so often come home to find their homes occupied by other families.

ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE. If one actually takes time to read the Koran, it’s filled with statements that say, in various ways; kill the non-Muslims or “infidels” as they are called. In Christianity, there are no cases where Jesus, any of Jesus’s Disciple’s or the Apostles called for the murder of non-Christians, nor do they support forced conversions (which aren’t real conversions) as the Muslims do. Non-Muslim’s either convert or are murdered by Muslims. Sometimes they get off by “paying the tax” a tax placed on non-Muslims in some Muslim countries.

The cause cited for the murder of United States diplomatic personnel in Libya and Egypt is a film that portrayed Mohammed in a negative way. IT’S CALLED FREE SPEECH. SOME MUSLIMS WOULD DO WELL TO LOOK INTO IT.

In the film The Last Temptation of Christ actor William Dafoe plays the part of Jesus Christ. In this vile, wretched piece of filth, Jesus is portrayed as a homosexual. Christians were rightly upset, but I don’t recall any of burning down theaters or killing movie directors. Yet within the past few weeks some U.S. Congressman and Senators are calling for investigations into so called “radical Christians”.

THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Period. Again, observe what they DO, not what they say. Notice who they associate with. We need about ten thousand modified Hugo Stiglitz set for “Muslim Brotherhood” instead of “Nazi” If that sounds like an ugly statement it is because it is an ugly statement. Sometimes life is ugly.

One of the authors who have had more influence on my life than just about all the rest is Robert J. Ringer. Ringer points out that arrogance and ignorance go hand and hand, where one is the other will always be.

Notice those who claim to have this Arab Spring/Muslim brotherhood figured out figured out. They don’t look below the surface nor do they look at the big picture. Then they tell you “it’s a very unique situation. Per Robert J. Ringer “unique” means “one of a kind”. There are no degrees to uniqueness. A thing is either one of a kind or not.

Yes, I have been somewhat of a horse’s ass to some of you in this article. I do not apologize. Why? WE, the rest of us who are no longer drinking the kool-aid need YOU to get on the wagon and start looking below the surface and stop being naïve sheep. In that spirit I say this: Do not believe anything in this article is true because I say it. Likewise, do not believe everything in this article is false because someone else says it is false or labels it a “conspiracy theory”. Check it out for yourself-do your own research.

Knowledge IS the killer of fear.