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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Review of Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles

James Wesley Rawles was kind enough to send me an advanced uncorrected proof of his new book Founders. On the whole I found the book to be a very good read. If you liked Rawle’s books Patriots and Survivors, I think you will like Founders. Like the other books, it is centered around a planet wide economic collapse. You can read my review of Rawle’s previous book Survivors at this link.

The way all three of the books are written, you can start off with any of them-you don’t have to read them in the order they were published to understand the plot of any of the books, although there are some chapters where there is overlap of characters from other books, but none of these overlaps are out of time sequence. For example, in the book Patriots the character Dan Fong gets killed. However, Dan Fong is alive in Founders. There are four major points about Founders I think are worth mentioning.

1. Founders is quite literally a treasure house of great quotations. These quotes appear at the beginning of each chapter.

2. The actions taken in chapter 28 of Founders is a good plan to fix a lot of what is wrong with The United States of America today.

3. The way the characters deal with the invading United Nations troops is very creative. In Founders, the United Nations troops and the traitors in the United States armed forces who join the United Nations forces main activity is looting. Occasionally they can find time to shoot laser guided artillery into elderly people’s homes, simply on the basis of being given a “tip” that resistance fighters are there-they don’t bother to actually check to see if these “tips” are true before firing the laser guided artillery.

4. Chapter 30 ended in a beautiful way, proving God can turn something bad into something good.  . Mr. Rawles has a very good intellect, and I agree with most Rawles principles on preparedness. However, per chapter 30 and a lot of other things Mr. Rawles has published in the past, it’s clear he believes in the “Peak Oil” theory and it’s corollary that petroleum and coal are “fossil fuels” formed from the remains of very old plants and animals.  See my rant against peak oil in the next entry on this blogspot.

Founders also has a tremendous amount of info about OPSEC that can be applied in a situation like tha protrayed in the book.

Founders is a first rate work. If you have not ordered your copy, hold on until the release date a.k.a. the “Book Bomb Day” of September 25th, 2012. This will help the book get a better ranking on the best seller list.

To all of you out there around the planet, keep the faith.

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