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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How They Attack You When You Give Useful Information

I try to give useful information on my web site. Apparently that scares some people.

A web site can be attacked directly or indirectly. My web site site was attacked directly and indirectly.

My web site was attacked directly and my article on cold weather survival was deleted. It is back up now. Direct attacks are easy to see. This has happened to several very high volume web sites like George Ure’s Urban Survival ( Stan Deyo’s web site (, and Steve Quayle ‘s web site (

The indirect attack on my web site was very sneaky. My article Principles of Accurate Analysis and Synthesis was the DI-Daily Insight link on the web site for the date 04-25-11. When I last clicked that link it took me to the following web address:

In simple terms, someone hacked the Code Name Insight website and redirected that link. Someone did not want that article to be read. It’s also worth noting that the redirected link mentions Korea, because it has a personal meaning from a time in my past. In case you’re wondering, I’m not Korean. I’m basically a European mixed breed-English-Irish-German-French.

So what’s the lesson to other bloggers and writers? If you get your writing linked on web sites, go back periodically and check the link’s to make sure they have not been redirected.

So who would do this? Probably government. Read the article Principles of Accurate Analysis and Synthesis and ask yourself is there anything in it government might not want you to know.

By the time you see this, the person(s) who did this might fix the link. I’ve tried to get in touch with the webmaster at Code Name Insight to fix the link but either the webmaster is very busy, or my e-mails to the webmaster are being blocked.

Perhaps you the reader could send the Code Name Insight webmaster the link to this article? The webmaster’s e-mail address is

A word to all the white hat hackers out there: It would be very nice if you could come up with a system to trace attacks such as this back to their source that is relatively easy for the non-computer professional to use. Perhaps it could be built directly into web sites.

Readers please forward the link to this article to your friends and ask them to forward it to their friends. Knowledge IS the killer of fear.

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  1. Been traveling quite a bit but got your message. The link to your site has been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.