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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In the early 1970's several people published a magazine called Vonulife with the subtitle “how to live and let live, out of sight and mind of those unwilling to let live.” The publishers of the magazine invented a new word “vonu.” Vonu means “invulnerability from coercion.”

I get the idea that the people who published the magazine were hippie types (no offense if any of the publishers are reading this), but nevertheless, I salute them for their principle of being invulnerable to coercion and their creativity to invent a new word.

So how can one be coerced?

First, there is the obvious physical coercion-coercion by physical violence or the threat of physical violence. So what countermeasures can one take against physical coercion?

Carry weapons. Use passive defenses like body armor. Study martial arts. Be fast, which enables you to elude the person(s) doing the coercion. Hide-if they cannot find you they cannot use physical coercion against you.

Second, there is the more subtle psychological coercion. So what countermeasures can one take against psychological coercion?

Study, understand, and be able to recognize the techniques used by psychological manipulators. You can goggle any of the following and get lots of information:

psychological manipulation
psychological manipulation techniques
propaganda techniques
verbal violence
psychological coercion
guilt manipulation
psychological violence

Third, there is financial coercion. In this area, government is the biggest threat. I want to be clear, I do not advocate tax evasion. However, there are lots of reasons the government can use to seize or freeze the money you have in bank accounts, stock portfolios, mutual fund portfolios, and other financial instruments. Lawyers can do the same thing using civil lawsuits.

So what countermeasures can one take against financial coercion?

There is the option of foreign bank accounts. However, as the economy continues to decline, government regulations will make it harder to send money out of the country. This is also true for investing in foreign companies.

One can convert one’s money to cash and store it at home. There are dangers in this however.

First, your cash can be stolen. If you’re going to keep lots of cash at home I recommend a gun safe that is rated to keep guns safe in a fifteen-hundred degree fire for thirty minutes. Even with a gun safe of this type, cash is more apt to burn than guns, I suggest wrapping your cash in with two layers of aluminum foil. Keep the gun safe in a secluded part of your home. Ideally one would have a hidden space behind a wall that can be accessed easily but looks like a normal wall.

Second, if the government finds out that you have large amounts of cash at home, they will seize it and accuse you of some illegal activity, such as trafficking narcotics. So if you are going to keep large amounts of cash at home, tell no one.

Third, given the fact that the government is running the money printing presses 24/7, it’s highly likely all your U.S. currency will be good for is toilet paper. Remember, inflation is not about prices going up, it’s about the value of your money going down. Every time another dollar is put into the system, the value of every other dollar in the system drops a little more.

One can convert one’s money to precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and iridium. All of the statements given above for storing cash at home apply to storing precious metals at home, with the exception of wrapping your precious metals in aluminum foil.

WARNING: Do not store cash, precious metals, stock certificates and other financial instruments in a bank safe deposit box. In a crisis, government will declare a bank holiday and you will not be able to access your safe deposit box. The same is true if the government seizes or freezes your assets.

The best way to secure your money is to convert it into tangible assets that can be sold or bartered. Some of the better ones are:

freeze-dried food
dehydrated food
dried beans
water purification equipment
non-hybrid/non-GMO seeds
water purification chemicals
medical supplies
portable cooking equipment
energy devices
over the counter medications

(See my article Crisis, Martial Law, and Black Market Operations for a more detailed list)

The list is potentially endless. I recommend you study your particular area to determine what items are in high demand.

Remember, coercion is a fact of life. Do what you can to avoid it.


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